Friday, June 19, 2009

A tale of the incrediable missing bionic boob

My mom, bless her heart, you gotta love her! She's 72 years young now and other than having to walk with a cane she is doing good. She does get a bit forgetful at times, as I found out the a few weeks ago when she called me and informed me she was having a bad day. I'm not sure what the problem is and afraid maybe she's hurt herself or is feeling ill. She then goes on to tell me that she's lost her "Bionic Boob"! Thinking I've heard her wrong I ask her "What did you loose?" Again she tells me her "Bionic Boob". Okay I'll bite, what's your bionic boob mom? "My false titty" she replies as if I'm the one who's the boob for not understanding her. Now I've got images of this mammary prosthetic with metal Gadgets unlike something from a scifi movie, and the horror that it may have become lost while we were on one of our many outings to her favorite place in the world.... Walmart! Eeegads, could we ever show our faces in the store again! Trying to get a hold of my thoughts I ask her as calmly as I can "Mom where did you last have it?" She's not sure but thinks the last time she saw it was the night before when she was getting ready for bed. Oh thank goodness, it's lost in her Motor home! "Did you check in the bed mom?" I ask. "Yes I've searched the entire motor home for it and haven't found it yet" she tells me. "Well it's got to be there someplace, and how do you loose something like that?" She just replies "Oh I've lost it a number of times, your dad always helped me find it though when he was alive"
Oh my mom, bless her heart I love her.
On a good note, she found it a few hours later, it was by her chair under her crochet yarn.
Best news yet, she's crocheting a pink "boob Cozy" for it and plans on making another "cozy" for it in a nude color! I hope my kids know what they may be in for when I'm 72!

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