Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trip to the Neuter Scooter

Had to rise early this morning and help my mom get her two girls (Cats) ready to go get fixed. The Neuter Scooter is in two today and tomorrow and the lines were long today. Mom's a bit nervous about them being away but hopefully all will go well for them and they will be much better cats for her to love and enjoy. We certainly don't need more kittens around here! Thank goodness for the Neuter Scooter, as the vets charge more than most in this town can afford to have their cats fixed. 40.00 a cat (prepaid online) isn't that bad, but over 200.00 at the vet is highway robbery in my opinion. Everyone complains about the animal population and how they need to be fixed, but it's truly sad that it costs so much to have them done. Thank you Neuter Scooter!! Your a blessing with all your wonderful work :)
If "Octo-Mom" had been able to get use of the Neuter Scooter....ahh well I'll be nice and won't go there lol

Happy Days and Good Bloggings
Rene M.

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