Sunday, December 2, 2012

So I fell totally in love with this!

I've been checking out a ton of craft related blogs lately (I seem to spend more time trying to be inspired than I actually do any crafting lol) Anyhoo I found this wonderful blog "I Love My Home" and was looking at all the wonderful ideas and pictures when I saw the photo of the antique corset she had found. Now I am pretty sure I will never find such an item in my small town or within my budget I downloaded the photo to look at when I need some extra inspiration. I had also just finished making a "Vintage Lace Frame" for my bedroom. I have been re-doing my bedroom in a shabby vintage style. So, I decided to print out the photo and place it in my frame to see how it looked. (Beautiful!!) To make a long story short, I sent an email to Kerry asking her if it was okay to use it in my frame (personal use only of course) and she was so lovely to say yes and that I could post a picture of my frame with the photo in it on my blog. THANK YOU Kerry! :)
So here is the frame and photo.
Here is the link to her fantastic blog and the photo that inspired me so much :)
  I Love My Home: My latest find.....: ...I walked into one of my favourite antique shops this weekend and the first thing I saw was...ta dah!... this fabulous antique corset. ...

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kerry said...

Hey Rene! Kerry from I Love My Home Blog here. How sweet of you to feature my antique corset photograph, I'm so glad you like it! Like you, i spend a lot of time surfing other blogs and not enough working on my own projects, but why not? the internet is like a box of delights and we make such wonderful friends all around the world - keep blogging!