Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cats are home

Just a few words to say that both our cats are back home, went though the surgery fine and they are now fixed without worries of more kittens :) Even though they are now my mom's cats, they spent the night at my house in a spare bathroom. Turned on the heater to warm it up and made them a nice warm bed to sleep in. They were still pretty drugged up when we got them home, and even though it was a bit scary and sad to see them that way, it was also a bit funny when they did start to move around and try to walk. Like two little drunks on a nights bender. Stand, stagger, fall, try to stand again, drag themselves up to only fall on their sides again. Thankfully the Lady at the Neuter Scooter clinic told us how they would behave once home. I think I would have really been scared more and on the phone with them had I not been told this. The Neuter Scooter people were very good and did a great job explaining everything to us, and I highly recommend them if your in need of having your cat spayed or neutered esp if your on a low budget. They also do Farrel Cats for only 20.00 as well as rabies shots for free on all cats and other things for small fees. You can check them out here:

Oh and my mom is so excited to have her "girls" back home with her now, I'm sure they will be pampered and spoiled more than they ever have been!

Good Days and Happy Blogging
Rene M.

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