Saturday, June 20, 2009

News On The Home Front

Well in a few weeks my son who's just finished boot camp and going though "A" school in the Navy will be visiting me on his first leave. He's looking forward to some real home cooked meals, so I've asked a few neighbors if they would mind cooking some for him. My idea of a home cooked meal these days is whatever comes out of a frozen box and can be put in the micro-wave. Better yet, if it can be left out when I come home from the store and be eaten with out all that extra work of placing it into the mirco-wave I'm a happy lady :)
Honestly though I can't wait to see my son, he left for Texas right after he graduated high school so it's been just over a year now since I last saw him. Quite a shock too when he informed me he wasn't going to attend college in Texas and had signed up for the Navy. I think his dad had a bit to do with that, shape up or ship out lol
My youngest son is still home, one more year and then he gets his freedom and I get to wander the house being depressed and alone. Most parents throw a party when their last one's leave the nest, me I just find myself in a fetal position on their old bed wondering why they had to grow up and leave me. Okay, not really but I will miss the sound of kids in the house. You know, "Mom what's for dinner? Mom I need my laundry done before morning! Mom why don't you have any good food in here and can I have some money to buy dragon balls for my game?" Oh yes I'll sure miss the joyful sounds of my kids.
Actually I'm planing on moving into a 1 bedroom apt where I don't have room for any over night visits and never have any thing in my kitchen to cook because I eat out all the time, when I'm not playing on my computer.
Okay enough about the kids, I've got to tend my online Farm and twitter something totally worthless before I zazzle the night away.
Good Days & Happy Bloggings,
Rene M.

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